Help Wanted

by Civil War Rust



Released in November of 2015 by Def Cow Records and Say-10 Records, "Help Wanted" delivers 10 new Bay Area punk classics. Recorded at both Studio Trilogy in San Francisco and Nu-Tone Studios in Pittsburg, CA the band shows great growth in their song writing and delivering short pop punk sing-alongs. With their sophomore release coming in at under 24 minutes, CWR keep it short and sweet. Mixing harmonies, a precise rhythm section and a unique resilience, this record will surely become a favorite amongst aging pop punk fans everywhere. "Help Wanted" was recorded/produced by esteemed engineer Willie Samuels (Broadway Calls,
Enemy You, Pinhead Gunpowder).


released November 20, 2015

All songs written by Civil War Rust
Additional Vocals on "Photographs" by Danny Bailey
Help Wanted was recorded at Studio Trilogy in San Francisco and Nu-Tone Studios in Pittsburg, CA by Willie Samuels. Mastering was done by Ken Lee of Ken Lee Mastering in Oakland.


all rights reserved



Civil War Rust Oakland, California

Hi! We are Civil War Rust from Oakland.
Things we enjoy... Pop Punk from the 90's, Burritos, Touring, Recording & Dive Bars from the 90's,

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Track Name: California Bleu
I Spent three short days and sleepless nights,
I kissed your neck and felt your warm breath on mine
When the morning comes we'll go our separate ways
I'll carry you in memory back to the bay
I spent three short days and restless nights,
at the bottom of a bottle to clear my mind
I've got some really bad ideas
The tension building in my head is spreading to my chest,
I've had enough
Moving like a wrecking ball as I make my way through California.
I was up all night with the bleuest eyes on the warm beaches of San Diego
Track Name: Teenage Moustache
Just when I thought it was getting better
I took some steps in the wrong direction
back to a place I've been before
I'm burning pictures with all your letters
Burned out by the flames in your backyard scenes
The twisted thoughts and the late night schemes
I've never been the one to comprehend the writing on the wall
I pour my thoughts on wax and then I try to let them go
I'll prove it so
Track Name: Upside Down
These walls, phone calls
Head long into disaster
Mistakes, I've made
Celebrate the ignorant bastard
I won't go down with the ship again
Another lost soul in the drink my friend
You're gonna do what you wanna do
I won't be there to take that ride

You've got me upside down and falling apart

These streets, dead beats
Turn off the city sirens
We hope, We dream
Persecute the wishful asshole
I wont go down with a wish again
looking for a chance to get it right my friend

I get it, you're running away
I found a reason to stay
Track Name: Outta My Mind
I left some poor habits in the city of sin
but ill be back to pick them up again
A little something to keep me warm
The neon lights they kept me up all night
I longed for home but I dreaded the drive
Ten uncomfortable hours

This all must start and end with something
maybe I knew it was with me all along
Now I have this chance to change and
still I make mistakes

You make me go outta my mind
Just another waste of both our time
I haven't got a back up plan or a plan at all

I need my dreams to dream at night
A little something to keep me warm
Where is the disconnect and what's the fucking point?
As if there is really even a point at all.

Its the roll of the dice
My last chance to get this right
Track Name: Photographs
Photographs in a box
are my one and only chance to see you again
I'm not so sure I'll be removing the lid
My stomach turns, so I drink
and that helps a little bit
but I still smell you on the empty walls
Smell you on my unwashed clothes

It's not enough, to set me straight
to pull me out of this tailspin
Not today

The streets are empty, its colder than last year
The cats sit together all huddled up for warmth
No one sees me walking by
I'm followed around by little black clouds
Relieving themselves on my every move
No one sees me walking by

It's just not enough to set me free
To shield me from your wake of destruction

I thought I needed a change of pace
I found an emptiness within this place
Oh won't you take me back?
I cross my heart and hope to die
Nothing seems to ever work out right
If I had the chance I wouldn't take you back
Not today
Track Name: Bart Cards and Broken Hearts
It's ok to hurt sometimes
That's how you know you're still alive
You gotta pick yourself up and get it right this time

It's pretty safe to say
she's already on her way
into the arms of her next mistake
I'm not poetic, I'm pathetic
She'll never say it, but I can see it in her eyes
She'll never look at me the same again

Bart cards and broken hearts
Another substance fueled inferno
We're singing

It's pretty safe to say I'm already on my way
into the arms of my next mistake
I'm not poetic, I'm pathetic
She'll never say it, but I can see it in her eyes
She'll never look at me the same again

Stand up and try to walk it off
This time I'll try to walk it off
Track Name: Riverside
I found myself in Riverside
In the back of a bar in those deep brown eyes
I get it, I need a change
5 a.m. took you away
And sent me home with a bitter taste
I get it, I'm gonna change
You'll have to think way less of me

White knuckle nights
I am barely getting by
But I'm getting by

Broken clock and mirrors
feel up my emptiness
I could not stand to see the look
on my own face
Each morning I wake up
I tell myself I'm not tired
Everyday it just gets harder to smile
Sit back I promise I'll be fine
I only ask that you keep quiet on this drive

Decisions in question
I'm fighting off depression
I haven't been happy in a while

You know I'm gonna make it
I'm gonna be alright
Track Name: Thirty Days
I got a problem that I don't want to face
It's not my problem if I show up today
It's not my job to keep a track or a pace
Always trying to get back to the good old days

I'll be living my life like a runaway
At the bottom of the bottle is where I'll be
Man it really sucks when you think you're on the top
And the world crashes down and belts you in the face

I'm alright, I'm ok...
I haven't had a drink in around thirty days
I'm feeling great, I need therapy

Do you want to stop?
Before it's too late.
You're trying to stop
At least that's what you say
Seems like you're lost
Can't ever find your way
Take a shot, here's your chance
Or are you still afraid of change?
Track Name: Rogues Couch
Goodbye comfort and security
Hello cold nights and anxiety

I'll be sleeping on couches
and drinking myself to sleep
Counting down the days
until I'm warm beneath the sheets

There's nothing left in this old oak tree
but a blackened hole where my heart use to be

We wanted revolution
All I got was another shitty shirt
Track Name: Revenge Therapy
Giving up is the easiest way to go
They preach about it on the busted ass radio
Turn it off, it's killing what makes you great
You're beautiful in every way
Like this broken fucking city that's covered in paint

And there is nowhere else that I'd rather be,
than going out in the middle of the night
Again and again...

You've slipped into a pretty mess, it's true
It fits you well enough to keep me close to you
Take it off, its constricting what makes you great
You're beautiful in every way
Like this gentrified city that's covered in flames

And there is nowhere else that I'd rather be,
than going out in the middle of the night
Again and again...

For once in my life I feel good about myself
For once in my life I don't want to be somebody else

Now I've got a broken radio

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